Where are you located? Where are you willing to travel?
I am located in San Diego, CA. If your budget includes travel costs, and there is enough notice, I am willing to travel to your school or organization around the country, and internationally.

Can you design a program to meet the specific needs of my audience?
Yes, absolutely. As a sociologist, I know that cultural relevance and sensitivity is imperative in any learning environment. I speak with my host schools or organizations and learn about the audience demographic, the cultural environment of the group, and their goals for the event. 

Can we interview you for the school newspaper/radio station/blog? 
Yes, we can make this happen. This could be done over the phone, but generally it is easier to do right before or after the presentation. I suggest some potential interview questions at the bottom of this page.

Do you have a sex blog or relationship blog?
Yes! You can find my ongoing sex-related blog by clicking here.

How did you get your start and how long have been you involved in sex-related topics?
When I was a sophomore at Lehigh University in PA, I joined the sexual health peer educators on campus because I was interested in learning public speaking skills. I quickly became fascinated by how women and men make decisions around sexual activity, and how they communicate in this arena. When getting my PhD in Sociology at the University at Albany, NY, I helped run the sexual health peer educator group at that school, and researched and wrote a dissertation on a sexuality discourse analysis of HIV-prevention programs targeting adult women in community-based organizations. The skills, education, awareness, and critical thinking skills I learned through the dissertation and PhD process are invaluable in all my work today, from speaking, to teaching, and counseling.

How long are your presentations?
This depends on the needs of your group, but generally large lectures are anywhere from 45-90 minutes, smaller group workshops are 2 hours, and trainings are several hours to all day. I also facilitate weekend retreats if your organization is interested in diving in deep to any of my specialty topics.

How much do you charge?
The fee depends on travel time, your budget, and my availability. I try to work with groups to accommodate to their budget, or give suggestions on how they can meet the fee (e.g., get contributions from another student group, or collaborate with another organization or university close by, to share travel expenses and both receive a discounted price).

I watched some In the Den with Dr. Jenn videos. What is your show about?
The In the Den with Dr. Jenn video series is a free online educational resource for information and entertainment around sexuality, relationships, communication, sexual health, and holistic health. There are over 220 free episodes online, including interviews with other sex professionals, recommendations, sexual fun facts, and lots of fun sex-related stuff. To see videos or subscribe, visit the Dr. Jenn's Den YouTube Channel.

What Interview Questions do you suggest? 

  • How did you get your start in the sexual health field?
  • What's the most interesting part about your work?
  • What is the most challenging part of your work?
  • Do you think American's have a healthy relationship with their sexuality?
  • What gender differences, if any, do you find in your work?
  • What is mindfulness and how do you integrate that into your work?
  • What is your In the Den with Dr. Jenn video series about?
  • Could you describe you TEDx Talk about female sexuality and mindfulness?
  • How is shame relevant around sexuality?
  • When you counsel young men and young women, what sexual topics do they most ask about?
  • What do you think is problematic about sex education in the United States?
  • In what ways do you think long-term couples most struggle around sex and intimacy?