A Loving Kindness Meditation helps you feel more loving and kind to yourself and others. Learning to cultivate such thoughts and feelings, and realizing that you have more control over your compassion than you thought, gives you access to moving through life in a more appreciative and connected way.

There are many versions of the Loving Kindness Meditation, and this is a simple version for you to experience how to cultivate love and kindness in ways you may not have experienced before. While this process does not involve interaction with others, the more you choose to cultivate these states of openness, the more the world is receptive to you. Opening your heart takes courage, yet itโ€™s an incredible gift to yourself and others. Itโ€™s OK if it feels foreign or difficult at first; or some days it seems easy and others more challenging. Over time you can learn to cultivate this spirit of friendliness more easily towards yourself and others.

This guided meditation is less than 8 minutes but it might take a few seconds to load. Music is compliments of Purple Planet. Enjoy!